Vodka Spritz

Savor the Mediterranean magic with Drylaw's Vodka Spritz, where a symphony of flavors awaits.


75 ml Drylaw vodka
15 ml apertif or Martini fiero
Tonic Mediterraneum to top off
1 dash of orange bitters
Orange twist garnish

Step 1

Fill a wine or spritz glass with ice. The ice will keep your cocktail cold and refreshing.

Step 2

Pour 75 ml of Drylaw organic vodka into the glass. Our vodka forms the base of this delightful Mediterranean-inspired spritz.

Step 3

Add 15 ml of aperitif or Martini Fiero. This addition brings a bittersweet and herbal character to the cocktail.

Step 4

Top off the cocktail with Tonic Mediterraneum to your preference. Tonic water adds effervescence and balances the flavors.

Step 5

Optionally, include one dash of orange bitters for an extra layer of flavor. The bitters enhance the complexity and aroma of the spritz.

Step 6

Garnish your cocktail with an orange twist by expressing the oils from a twist of orange peel over the glass to release its citrusy fragrance. Place the twist in the glass for an aromatic garnish.

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