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Challenger. Disruptor. Outlaw. Misfit. Words for rogues with an inability to follow the rules and a desire to change the game. Born to rebel, Drylaw pays homage to Giuseppe Bertolino, the Sicilian immigrant – and our founder’s great grandfather – who found opportunity where others saw only failure: Prohibition-era USA.

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The "dry law" is just one name associated with the 18th Amendment period in America. Our lineage can be traced back to a rogue of the Prohibition era, one who challenged the original dry law with a keen eye on opportunity. Giuseppe Bertolino was born in 1902 in Partinico, Sicily. He began his career as an olive oil merchant in Naples in 1920 before making the journey from Le Havre, France to New York, USA, in 1923. Drawing upon the knowledge he acquired from his mother's distillery back in Sicily, he forged a new path: bootlegging premium spirits in an era dominated by questionable backyard moonshiners.

In the times of our forefathers, bootleggers had to make do with whatever base alcohol they could find. But that era is no more. A century later, there are no dry laws to circumvent, no restrictions blocking our path to crafting premium spirits. There's no need to hide our operations or disguise our bottles. In honor of the rogues and misfits of that bygone era, we've opened the doors wide to our exacting standards and natural raw materials, coupled with the scientific precision that enables us to create grape-based spirits with unparalleled fresh and ephemeral aromas.

The spirit of fearlessness and audacity to challenge the status quo is ingrained in us, a perspective that fuels the quality of Drylaw. We're both rebellious and refined, embodying an elegant form of rebellion. Drylaw guarantees premium quality for discerning connoisseurs and those who embrace the spirit of opportunistic misfits. In this same spirit of defiance, Drylaw defies industry norms and traditions, opting for honesty and transparency. Transparency with ingredients. Transparency with processes. Transparency with intentions.

We're rewriting the rules of the game, employing select yeasts to elevate grape fermentation, embracing a low-temperature distillation process, and creating authentic representations of our premium organic ingredients every time. With a touch of rebellion in every glass, we stir the spirit of our predecessors, rewriting the rules of invention. In the end, you can't run from who you are.

Underground we prevail; in the open we thrive.

Muscatel Vodka
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Muscatel Vodka

A cold-distilled celebration of organic Muscatel grape aromas. A perfect misfit. Trusted sidekick. Embodying the pure spirit of invention, for cocktail creation without limitations.

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