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Tested recipes and time-honoured processes produce spirits. Demandingly high quality ingredients, elegant engineering and state-of-the-art protocols craft Drylaw spirits. By blending our exactingly high standards for raw materials with a revolutionary distillation process and precise engineering, we produce unique, grape-based spirits with expressions of fresh and ephemeral aromas.


Aromas are the heart and soul of wines, found in both aromatic and non-aromatic compounds within various grape varieties. These fragrances can be categorized into three distinct groups: varietal aromas unique to specific grape varieties, fermentative aromas brought to life during fermentation, and aging aromas developed as spirits mature within oak barrels.

Varietal aromas encompass a blend of aromatic and non-aromatic compounds. Scientists suggest that these compounds serve as a survival mechanism, making grapes more appealing to animals, facilitating seed dispersal. At Drylaw, this phenomenon presents an opportunity to metamorphose a portion of non-aromatic compounds into exquisite scents and aromas through the art of fermentation. Fermentative aromas come to life as select yeast strains interact with phenols, proteins, polyglucides, and organic acids. During this captivating process, the holy trinity of wine flavors – esters, thiols, and terpenes – transform into delightful fragrances.

Each batch of Drylaw is a genuine embodiment of premium organic raw materials, and nothing more. The harmonious fusion of varietal and fermentative aromas, coupled with our industry expertise, enables us to capture the concentrated essence within every bottle, ready to be released with a simple swirl in your glass. Our inaugural release is a cold-distilled celebration of the organic Muscatel grape's essence. Geranium, lychee, and apricot emerge from the Muscat base, intertwining with floral, citrus, and tropical fruit notes through the magic of fermentation. These are spirited rebels, each bottle carrying a hint of nostalgia and a spark of familiarity.

Drylaw Vodka comes to life through a process of dilution, where high-ABV spirit mingles with water, allowing flavors to unite. The result is a spirit imbued with the natural scent of grapes and the characteristics of wine. It embodies the essence of pure invention, offering endless possibilities for crafting cocktails without constraints.

Drylaw Gin takes shape through a small-batch, low-temperature redistillation of vodka, extracting scents without the heat-induced degradation of botanicals. An elusive whiff of familiar botanicals entwines with the bold essence of Muscatel grapes. The outcome? Perfect misfits and trusted sidekicks, free from added sugar, always ready to mix seamlessly, and never overstaying their welcome.

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