Vodka Margarita

Experience a vibrant vodka revival with Drylaw's Vodka Margarita, infusing the classic with a twist of excitement.


30 ml Drylaw vodka
15 ml Contreau
30 ml Lime Juice
1 dash of organge bitters
Lemon twist garnish

    Step 1

    Fill a cocktail shaker with ice to chill the ingredients. The ice will help to thoroughly chill and blend the components.

    Step 2

    Add 30 ml of Drylaw organic vodka to the shaker. Our premium vodka serves as the base for this unique twist on a classic margarita.

    Step 3

    Pour in 15 ml of Cointreau for a touch of sweetness and citrus flavor. Cointreau complements the vodka and adds a delightful fruity note.

    Step 4

    Squeeze fresh lime juice to obtain 30 ml and add it to the mix. Fresh lime juice brings a zesty and tangy element to the cocktail.

    Step 5

    Optionally, include one dash of orange bitters for extra depth of flavor. The orange bitters enhance the complexity of the cocktail.

    Step 6

    Shake the mixture vigorously for about 10-15 seconds. Shake until well-chilled and properly mixed.

    Step 7

    Strain the cocktail into a margarita glass or a martini glass. Using a strainer, pour the cocktail into your chosen glass, leaving behind the ice and any solid bits.

    Step 8

    Garnish with a lemon twist for a citrusy and aromatic finishing touch.

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